Questions for Candace

I had the opportunity to ask Candace Robinson a few questions. She has published several books including Bacon Pie from Evernight Teen, and Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault from the Parliament House Press, just to name a few. Her upcoming novel, Clouded by Envy will be available February 19th.

Candace (2)
Author Candace Robinson

1. What’s the elevator pitch for your upcoming novel, Clouded by Envy?

Dorian Gray meets Ferngully! A little yin to the yang!

2. Assign Marry, bury or date to the following superheroes: Thor, Batman, and the Black Panther.

That is a toughy! Marry Thor because, well, his costume is and hair is awesome! Date Black Panther because he has Panther in his name! And bury Batman because I don’t know which Batman we are talking about!

3. They say no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. As a writer how many times have your own stories made you cry?

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever cried reading my stuff. But I will say that I’ve felt my heart crack a whole lot!

4. What’s your advice for writers trying to get published for the first time?

Do not give up! If your goal is to go with a bigger publisher, then you have to keep on querying. If it’s not working then, also look for fresh beta readers to see if maybe they can help improve some things.

5. You are such an amazing writer. If you had to choose one of your novels to become a major motion picture which one would it be and why? What actors would you cast in the leading roles?

I think Bacon Pie, only because I would love to see the super humorous parts! My preference for actors is always unknowns so I would really like it if they were some undiscovered awesome talent or something!

6. Since Valentine’s Day is here, a good question is what’s your favorite candy?

White chocolate Reeces! Someone buy me that huge one that comes out each year!

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